Busy life!

So I do have to start by saying sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve been so busy , I just didn’t have ti time to update my blog!. But if you take the time and go visit my youtube page,  or simply just click on a image below and it will take you to your destination :D.   Here are a couple of images to tantalize your taste buds. so click away and enjoy!!!!



Ready to tantalize your tastebuds! Here’s a wonderful creamy and delicious raw vegan  cream cheeze made with truffle oil and chopped green onion.

Jazz it up for the holidays with some veggies and fruit.  I made stacks of cucumber slices filled with the cream cheese, and also filled some beautiful figs. Surprise your guests with these mouthfuls of yumminess! Vegan or not, they won’t be able to stop eating these! So, make plenty for these are sure to go!!

This cream cheeze is a  cross between cream cheeze and Italian Marscapone cheeze, and I am sure you and your guests will enjoy. Here’s the link to the recipe for my truffle green onion cream cheeze….enjoy!!

AGED Spicy chili paprika cheeze!

What is the first thing someone tells you when they explain why it’s so hard to go vegan?? They will most likely talk to you about dairy and how they just can’t let go of that cheese!! Well, what if I told you that you can make a cheese so good you won’t miss it because you will be able to whip it up in no time at all 🙂 I myself loved cheese, but personally didn’t care to have and cheese what so ever, after knowing what these poor animals went through just so we can steal their milk.

After 8 years or trial and error, I have managed to make some of the best vegan cheeses around. My clients keep returning for more, making that a good sign don’t you think 🙂

So here is one I would like to share with you all. One of my best sellers too!!  So if you liked Goat cheese like me. I loved cheeses, here’s a nice Spicy chili paprika aged cheese that tastes very similar. Here is the link to the video enjoy!!

VEGorino Romano grated cheeze??

Pleased is not the word to describe how I’m feeling right now. After serving my husband a beautiful plate of pasta with some sundried tomatoes and rapini, I offered him some cheeze to sprinkle on top of his plate. He gingerly sprinkled some on top, took a nice fork full of pasta into his mouth and went: “Hummmmm! WOW this is really really good!” He grabbed hold of the container of cheeze that was sitting on the table besides him and this time didn’t even sprinkle it, he pretty much tipped the container to almost dump it onto his plate! “Woah! Slow down!” I told him. “You’re going to empty that container of cheeze…..” His response? “So we’ll make more!” Right there and then I knew it was good recipe to keep in my books.

It has a nice sharp pungent taste like a Pecorino Romano cheese would, one of the cheeses my husband and my family loved having on our pasta. I am always striving to either improve or to create new cheezes. With 8 years of veganism under my belt, I taste food like I have never ever tasted it before. I find my taste buds are even more refined and polished now. Its easy to make connections on plant based foods that remind me of some similarities, thus giving me the ability to make some really good healthy vegan dishes. Any meat eater can enjoy plant-based, vegan food! Here is the link to my latest cheeze recipe I call VEGorino Romano – Grated Cheeze and the best part is….it has no pecorino ( sheep ) in it! Hope you will enjoy this new recipe!!


Fall is just around the corner, and besides all those beautiful fall colours and beautiful fall veggies, it’s also time to start the cheeze again! I start them only in the fall , and then stop in the late spring due to where I keep all the cheezes to age. So for now unfortunately I make these great cheeze only in the cooler climate!

Took me many years but I have managed to create some great raw aged cheeze! So as soon I have some ready I will be letting you all know.


I also supplied a link below where you can see more cheeze I make….so check out my facebook page “health nuts cheeze” for more information.