I am so excited!!! I have been working on a kind scramble egg for you all and I am getting closer and closer to it :). My daughter was the tester today and her exact words were “What the heck mom!” and wanted more lol. I wanted to take a picture of  kind egg  burrito but she just didn’t give me that chance. I will keep working on it and then put up a video on how to make a nice batch so you don’t have to play with it every time you want to make a scramble. Hand in there! I will get you that recipe 🙂 , so subscribe if you want to keep up to date with my recipes.

This just makes it so much easier for people who want to transition to a kind vegan diet.


Yumm, not sure if you have ever tried raw crackers, but they are simply delicious! With so little ingredients you can whip up a great tasting and healthy cracker for you and your family minus the extras that normally come with a regular cracker such as preservatives and other ingredients we can’t even pronounce!! So, I will be putting up some of my favorite crackers I make that are a must for you to try. Here is one I made the other day, simple delicious, fast and easy. Anyone can enjoy these, let it be if you are a raw foodie or not!!

Here`s the link to the video on how to make them!!