Italian deli cold cut….Mortadella style vegan meat

Ready to make an awesome sandwich? My family and I are hooked on this deli meat and I eat mostly raw, it`s like a guilty pleasure!!

It brings me back to when I was a child and my mom used to make me mortadella and mustard sandwiches! Not only did I look forward to those sandwiches, but the funny part was I never got tired of them! I still think about them today and I REFUSE to put any animal products in my mouth. I don`t even allow any animal products in my home. GOD forbid…I didn`t want those thinly sliced mortadella that the bakery would slice for us, she had to buy the roll and it had to be hand sliced…but not thin, it had to be a nice thick slice with a nice bite to it. I had to feel it under my teeth!

So, after going vegan 8 years ago, that was one thing I truly missed, even though today I know better that those deli meats are so unhealthy for us. With all the nitrates they use to preserve them…they are really not good for us at all! I had to try and make one where it would satisfy my need, and bring me back to those memories I had of my mom making those sandwiches for me, but I had to make it healthier without all the junk that goes into making those deli meat.  Not mentioning all those poor animals that had to die for that sheer moment of pleasure on my taste buds. Not to mention all the calories that was packed into that fatty piece of meat I so loved to eat.

I knew that it would be hard to make, but I had to try and make one as close, and if not, good enough to bring back that memory I have so embedded in my mind.  I am so pleased, so happy with the results, it truly is delicious and so much healthier for us!!!

So you have to give it a go and try it with mustard!! I swear to you I will perfect this even more but for now I am super pleased, and enjoying every bite of it!

Here is the link to the video with what you need and how to make it! Enjoy!

Vegan mayonnaise recipe …vegenaise, non_GMO, egg free and dairy free.

If you can make a product and it harms no one in the process of making this product, why wouldn’t you right?? I found after 8 years of being vegan and always pushing that envelope to make and create the best tasting foods, that you can eat and enjoy almost any dish if not ALL dishes. And this is all by not hurting anyone or anything in the process. It feels good to rest my head on that pillow at night knowing my hands and conscience is clean.

So today I have a recipe of mine I like to share with you. So here is the link ….And it is a wonderful creamy delicious mayo. even better than vegenaise!! Not only is it simple to make but the cost is minimal, compared to the prices out there for vegan products. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it 🙂