VEGorino Romano grated cheeze??

Pleased is not the word to describe how I’m feeling right now. After serving my husband a beautiful plate of pasta with some sundried tomatoes and rapini, I offered him some cheeze to sprinkle on top of his plate. He gingerly sprinkled some on top, took a nice fork full of pasta into his mouth and went: “Hummmmm! WOW this is really really good!” He grabbed hold of the container of cheeze that was sitting on the table besides him and this time didn’t even sprinkle it, he pretty much tipped the container to almost dump it onto his plate! “Woah! Slow down!” I told him. “You’re going to empty that container of cheeze…..” His response? “So we’ll make more!” Right there and then I knew it was good recipe to keep in my books.

It has a nice sharp pungent taste like a Pecorino Romano cheese would, one of the cheeses my husband and my family loved having on our pasta. I am always striving to either improve or to create new cheezes. With 8 years of veganism under my belt, I taste food like I have never ever tasted it before. I find my taste buds are even more refined and polished now. Its easy to make connections on plant based foods that remind me of some similarities, thus giving me the ability to make some really good healthy vegan dishes. Any meat eater can enjoy plant-based, vegan food! Here is the link to my latest cheeze recipe I call VEGorino Romano – Grated Cheeze and the best part is….it has no pecorino ( sheep ) in it! Hope you will enjoy this new recipe!!


When people start their vegan journey, they always seem so disappointed that they can’t have all of those salad dressings they were so used to having before. But guess what….you can still have them, and they are and can be even better! Not only are they delicious, but they are so much healthier for us without all of the added junk you typically find in salad dressings. You can actually enjoy having them knowing they have no added preservatives or chemicals that we aren’t even able to pronounce.

The best part is that they are also guilt free! No animals had to die or suffer for you to enjoy some dressing on your salads. Even if you are not vegan you should give them a try, they really are that good!

Thanks to my daughter who had us over at her home for thanksgiving! Not only was all her food the yummiest, but she made the most delicious kale salad with caesar dressing which inspired me to make a new raw version for all of you :).

I’ve made a couple vegan Caesar salad recipes over the years but I think this version is my best one yet. Recipes are always a works in progress for me just like my art 🙂 and I find each time I make them they get better and better,  I’m always trying new ways to improve them!.

So here is the link to my CAESAR DRESSING!

And you will also need the link to my raw vegan GRATED  CHEEZE!!