Welcome to my vegan kitchen blog, My name is Connie D’Angelo and I am a mother, a wife and a doll artist, creating beautiful things has always been my passion let it be a doll an oil painting or creating beautiful and delicious food 🙂 !!  Here on my blog you will find a delectable array of RAW vegan dishes and vegan dishes for people who are trying to transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle.
Being that I eat only RAW I still had and have to cook for family members who ate and still eat traditional foods.

Not only did I defeat many health issues during my vegan lifestyle, many family members, and friends did too. Some examples are,  type two diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, psoriasis, kidney problems….. all the ones on medication who has embarked the vegan lifestyle, no longer need to take them. The list can go on and on, It just comes to show you, how a vegan lifestyle is not only good for the animals our planet but our health to. Not to mention the future of our children.

So coming from an Italian family I had to start thinking and learning how to make all those Italian dishes that we were so accustomed to and try to veganize it. What a challenge that was, trying to get that authentic taste to my dishes!!! But now over 8 years of being vegan I think I have pretty much mastered it :), can you say happy dance!!! So I hope you will all enjoy my recipes, Italian or not, and with some of my blabbering blogs.

I will be posting some yummy delicious and just finger licking good RAW and COOKED dishes for you let it be Italian or not! So come join me in my kitchen and try some out!!

“If we can live happy and healthy lives without harming others…why wouldn’t we??”

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