A few things that people seem to miss and can’t seem to do without after becoming vegan is cheese and eggs! My daughter used to love her eggs in the morning. Since we turned vegan 8 years ago, I have been trying to make that vegan egg taste as close as to the real egg as possible, either as a tofu scramble or as an omelette! I had to figure out how to bring egg dishes back for my daughter or friends and family but make it an egg-free version. So, that is just what I have been doing! Here’s how to make one of my favorite egg dishes without the eggs. 🙂

One of the ingredients that make this dish eggy is black indian salt, also know as kala Namak. The egg taste will dissipate with heat and it won’t be super eggy, so if you want the taste of egg…. sprinkle just a little extra after the dish is cooked  black-salt-

Behold! A yummy masterpiece, if I do say so myself! Click here for the FRITTATA OMELETTE recipe!! Enjoy!!! 

And here is the link to my VEGG recipe


A kind vegan egg yolk!k,

How exciting is this! Well for me it is 😀 I used to buy a product that looked and tasted just like and egg yolk, but wow was it expensive. not only did it cost too much when I needed more I couldn’t find it anywhere. Except online and that would have cost me even more!. Being that I like to watch my dollar, and make dishes that people can afford. I was determined to figure out how to make it.

After a few tries I pretty much nailed it! So here is a video on how to make your egg yolk!!! Enjoy everyone and leave me a comment and tell me how you like it! Vegan egg yolk recipe