Vegan Chipotle Mayo Recipe!!

What’s a sweet potato without that chipotle mayo to dip it in?? Can be used as a dip or a spread, and it goes well with anything. Let it be a slider or a coconut bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich. Like the saying goes…I put this **** on anything ūüėõ

Well here you go my vegan friends! It is¬†fast and it is¬†simple and the best part is . . . it’s yummy! To my non vegan friends: give¬†it a go! You¬†will be pleasantly¬†surprised how good vegan mayo can be! Best part is no animals were¬†harmed in preparing this mayo ūüôā

here’s the link to the video on how to make the best Vegan Chipotle mayo from scratch!

 Enjoy everyone!!