Oh boy, these are so yummy! Not only are they really fun and easy to make, they are equally as fun and easy to eat. They do get a tad messy, but I trust you can handle this… and to top it off enjoy them! These burgers are LOADED with health benefits!

All that is in these burgers and fries is a whack load of vegetables, spices and walnuts. It is as easy as throwing your ingredients in the food processor, forming patties in your hands, tossing them into the dehydrator and VOILA! A gourmet raw food meal in no time! It’s pretty much that easy. Look at the colours, and best part it is holding all it’s nutrients because we didn’t detroy them with heat so give them a go!

Throw them on a portabello mushroom, or make a bed with some romaine leaves! Top them with ur favorite condiments, or try some raw ones 😀

Simple easy and fresh! Here’s the link! ( RAW VEGAN BURGER PADDY! ) enjoy!!!



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