Delicata Squash recipe!.

So these are one of our all time favorite squashes ever! I discovered them last year and now all I want are these beautiful heirloom, non GMO deliciousness I instantly fell in love with them. They have a wonderful full flavor of creamy yellow corn, and the skin is tender enough to enjoy the whole thing! It’s also very filling, and is a fantastic substitute for more starchy carbohydrates. They are just that wonderful if I say so myself.

As soon as I was able to pick some up at our beautiful Atwater market I just had to share this recipe with all of you 🙂.

These boats are cut in half and filled with a wonderfully smoky white bean, zucchini and red lentil filling . Then topped with a beautifully creamy maple bacon ( vegan bacon that is )  potato mash.

This is what you will need. This will serve 4 to 6 depending the size of your delicata.


1 can white kidney beans drained and washed

1 medium size zucchini

1/4 cup red lentil uncooked

3 green onions chopped

3 tablespoon chopped cilantro

a couple dashes liquid smoke

salt and pepper to taste

Optional …chili flakes

Do not cook the stuffing,  it will cook in the squash.

Fill your boats ( do not over stuff )with the stuffing then cover your tray or cast iron pan with aluminum paper.

Place into the oven for a minimum 45 to 60 min. at 400F. Do not uncover.

Mash will be placed on top of boats after cooking of the squash is done.


6 potatoes cooked and mashed

then add

olive oil

1 cup almond milk

salt and pepper

Mix everything together make your potato nice and creamy, if more liquid is needed add more milk then fold in the bottom two ingredients:

2 tablespoon maple syrup

coconut bacon ( you can get my recipe here )

Then top with extra coconut bacon just before you serve it!

Place potato on top of your squash and return into the oven uncovered for 10 min on grill to get your potato crispy and golden. At this point you can even add some vegan cheeze if you want some on top. When your potato gets nice and golden remove from heat and top with extra coconut bacon. Dinner is served!!!

Leave me a comment and tell me how you liked it :D!!


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