Why do I post non RAW dishes??

Recently, I was asked why I post and record videos of NON RAW vegan dishes on my RAW food channel. . .

I know of so many people who just don’t want to be RAW and would love to try and make some of my Italian traditional foods, or just some new recipes. There are some people just trying hard to transition to a plant based diet or vegan diet, and have no idea what to eat or do, and are not ready whatsoever to even try a raw diet. So, by sharing some of my recipes I create and make for my NON RAW family, I might just be helping others make that transition just that much easier for them. So yes, my YouTube channel does say Connie’s RAWsome kitchen, and I promise you there will be many RAW dishes that I will share with you all, but I am also so very happy to help others who just want to take that step forward to a more compassionate lifestyle and make a difference, so why not help them right??

So for now I will keep the name Connie’s RAWsome kitchen until I decide what is the best name for my channel or what I will post on it. But for now I hope you all enjoy this new endeavor I have embarked on, and hope you all enjoy my recipes that I am sharing with you, let it be RAW or NOT.