VEGAN Dragon bowl and dragon sauce! ( Semi raw dish )

I am excited to share this one recipe with you all!! If anyone knows what a dragon bowl is, you will be happy to know and see how fast it really is to put this one together and it’s so so good. This on recipe isn’t fully RAW, but you can if you just leave out the rice, and just load it with extra veggies!! To make this dish raw you can use jicama or cauliflower rice to replace the brown rice. So enjoy and let me know how you like it by leave me a comment. You can find the recipe here at this link



Fall is just around the corner, and besides all those beautiful fall colours and beautiful fall veggies, it’s also time to start the cheeze again! I start them only in the fall , and then stop in the late spring due to where I keep all the cheezes to age. So for now unfortunately I make these great cheeze only in the cooler climate!

Took me many years but I have managed to create some great raw aged cheeze! So as soon I have some ready I will be letting you all know.


I also supplied a link below where you can see more cheeze I make….so check out my facebook page “health nuts cheeze” for more information.